Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eve-online - Dedaf´s Industrial Tool

From the time i started playing Eve Online in 2003, i realized that i needed an out of game tool, to keep track of my productions & mining ops. In  2006 i released my first public version, with only a simple mining tool and a T1 production tool. Ever since then i have been expanding the sheet with more and more tools. Today it contains 20 different mining and production tool, ranging from Mining, T1, T2, T3 production, T2 Invention and PI production tool.

Latest: The Omber ore has had the mineral amount change, to fit the December patch.

Anyway let me know what you think of it or maybe even submit new idea's?

If you like Dedaf's Industrial Tool, then please consider giving a donation for the hard work put in to building and maintaining it.

Enjoy the tool

Download: Version 16,9,9

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In this sheet you will find the following Industrial tools:
  • Ore Mining
  • Ice Mining.
  • Ore to mine, calculated from mineral-need.
  • Ice to mine, calculated from fuel-need.
  • Ore Corp Mining calculator.
  • Ice Corp Mining calculator.
  • Planet Interaction 
  • Station Egg Production
  • POS Fueling/Reaction. 
  • Gas Harvesting
  • Booster Production
  • T1 Ship, items & Rig Production.
  • T2 Ship, Items & Rig Production. 
  • T2 Invention. Build on an idea of Eloria Thuk.
  • Tech III production.
  • Capital Production
  • Jump Freighter production 
  • Ore Compression
  • Shopping List. Build on an idea of Raglany.